Best Shavers&Razors for Men –

Best Shavers&Razors for Men

Back in the day, men reached into the medicine cabinet for a razor and standard can of shaving foam to achieve a smooth face. Now, the male grooming climate has evolved, and a new crop of electric shavers has entered the fold, becoming an essential shaving tool for the modern man. Not only can these mechanical face clippers shave time and money off your grooming routine, but they are also delivering clean-cut trims that feel as good as a standard razor. Our guide gives you insight on what you should look for when shopping the endless list of electric razors available today.

Braun Series 9 $299 at Amazon

Ergonomic design, elite cleaning system, great battery life, four-way shear system

This Series 9 9290cc is a marvelous piece of electric shaving machinery, highlighted by its immaculate craftsmanship and phenomenal performance. It won both our Readers’ Choice Award for Best Electric Razor and our AskMen Grooming Award for the same title.

Patented SyncroSonic Technology carries serious horsepower, generating 40,000 “cross-cutting actions per minute” to achieve a complete shave without lathering up. The four-way shear system conquers three-day stubble with finesse, and included in the price is the cleaning system and travel case with a cleaning brush.

Posted on July 26, 2019