How to Make a Career in IT Security Consulting

IT Security Consulting, IT Career

For the sake of performance, cost effectiveness and to concentrate on the real needs of the business, companies world over are switching to outsourcing their IT security team. It makes sense as the IT security consultants are experts in this area and hiring them as the company needs is a much more economical option than keeping a whole army of in-house IT security specialists. Fortunately, IT security consulting is a fast-growing field and with good reason. 

With the ever rising menace from hackers, more and more organizations are looking for IT security consultants to carry out their IT security needs and quell their concerns about any possible flaws in their system.

IT security consulting involves protecting and maintaining systems that keep information stored in a computer or in the cloud safe. It is an integral part of any organization that uses online software. And because they are usually freelance, they can make a lot of money, so, what does it take to make a career in IT security consulting?

IT Security Consulting, IT Career

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Why Would a Company Outsource their IT Security Consulting?

  1. The required services are not accessible in-house and getting expensive new employees is both a costly and time-consuming option.
  2. The company is encountering a tight deadline to complete a highly technical project, and it is not reasonable to hire new representatives, train them and expect the scheme to be completed in time.
  3. Companies need an independent and objective viewpoint which is not mired in the corporate politics and foundation.
IT Security Consulting, IT Career

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How Can you Become an Independent IT Security Consultant?

  1. Do it Wholeheartedly – There are no half strengths when it comes to making a career. The job openings and growth are better than most, and there are training plans and institutions that offer specific curriculum, certifications, and degrees in IT security. You can even try a degree online to make things even easier for you!
  1. Do Thorough Research – Since this profession is relatively new, so are the programs you would be working with. So go for a distinguished and reputable institute which gives all-encompassing curriculum in IT, consisting of, but not limited to, perception testing, systems analysis, computer knowledge systems, programming, and also networking. You need to be familiar with numerous different programs so your degree should teach you as much as possible.
IT Security Consulting, IT Career

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  1. Steer Clear of Fraud – As with any expanding field, the IT security training field is replete with fly-by-night engineers who are there just to make money and offer illegitimate courses. These are not accredited and can’t get you a job offer after graduation. Just like anything else, if an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. If you consider the returns you’ll eventually make when working, a higher price for your course is much more justifiable.
  1. Expand your Horizons – After or during your course you can opt to take more industry acknowledged certifications. Examples include “Cisco” Network Security certification, those given by Microsoft, and others. They will add value to your knowledge and improve your resume no end.
  1. Gain Experience – Once you have your certification, you should get yourself into the industry. You can do this through school-sponsored IT internships and with entry-level IT jobs. They will help you learn about real IT security threats and understand what you will face in IT Security Consulting.

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Posted on May 18, 2023