Can Carb-Cycling Help You Get The Body You Really Want?

Do you want to get the sexy curves you’ve always wanted to flaunt at the beach? Or have you reached a plateau in your dieting where weight loss seems to have stopped? The time to master your willpower and sign up for the gym is now. Better still, you can try out new dieting. If you haven’t heard about it yet, there is a new dieting regime to help you get the lean physique you’ve always admired with fewer sacrifices.

If you are looking for a regime with a 100 percent success guarantee; a regime to help you shell out pounds of flesh without the need to eliminate foods essential to your body, a regime suited and adaptable to even the busiest of women, and one that will deliver remarkable results within few weeks if diligently followed, then look no further. The regime is none other than carb-cycling or better known as carb-rotating.

What Is It?

Carb-cycling is exactly as it sounds – a dietary plan where you alternate between high, medium and low (or no) carb days. The idea is to consume 2-2.5 grams per pound of your weight during high-calorie days, switching it to 0.5 grams during the medium and ensuring that your total carb intake is less than 30 grams during the low carb days. You simply slip in low carb days but after and before, you maintain your regular carbs.

The switching helps to achieve two things. One, the low (or no) carb days help to create calorie deficit needed for you to lose weight. Second, cycling helps to prevent your metabolism from slowing down as it often does when you consume low calories. The metabolic influence helps you to lose weight and keep it off for long. As a rule, no carb days are substituted by low carbs to prevent cravings, mood swings, and low energy.

The Practice

There are various configurations for carb-rotating. A popular configuration among body builders is one-day high card and three low. But if you are starting out one day of high alternated with a day of medium and low will be the easiest to stick to. On the high-calorie day, you will be consuming at least 4 meals in a day and eating as many carbs as you wish. You will be limiting your meals to three times a day during the medium.

On a low carb day, you will be consuming eggs, lean proteins from red/white meat, and/or fish. You may also add veggies to your meals. It is important to note that protein intake should remain unchanged during the cycles (1 gram per pound of your weight). Proteins feed your muscles. Without them, your metabolism drastically drops. Carb-cycling should be combined with daily exercises to achieve impressive results.

Different Goals

Depending on your fitness goal, you can use carb-cycling to either lose weight or bulk your muscles. If you are looking to lose weight, three days of low carb followed by one day of high carb will help to burn the fats. But if you want to bulk your muscles, you are better starting off with three days of low carb, followed by two days of high and finally two days of low. Such a plan will create a perfect environment for your body to build muscles.

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Posted on May 18, 2023