How to Choose The Right Call Center Software For You

Hundreds of call center programs exist, so it’s natural to have a tough time choosing between them. There’s more to it than picking the one with the lowest price tag. Here are some important considerations you should keep in mind before purchasing anything.

Call Center Software Type

Most call center software is designed to assist call centers of a specific type. For example, a call center that just handles customer acquisition may not need a sales platform, but the sales platform is perfect for a call center that handles purchases. So, make sure to specify what type of services your business will need from the software.

You also need to consider the type of software that you plan to use—cloud- or browser-based. Cloud-based call center software could provide a lot more room for data, but it’s much less secure. If security is a concern, you may want to pick a browser-based call center program.

Call Center Software Features

After you’ve decided what type of call center software you want, features should be the next concern. Do you need unlimited concurrent calls or call control? Every program has different features that can make or break each call. Do thorough research in each program’s features before investing in one.

Voicemail may not be necessarily a feature you need, but historical reporting can help retrace a phone call that was lost mid-call. It will take some time to explore every feature that each software includes, but it’ll make all the difference when you implement the program.

Business Tools Integrations

Business tools integrations are the one thing every software must have. Call center software that integrates with your current help desk, CRM, chat, e-commerce platform, social networking platforms, and marketing platform with one click will make a difference in your employee’s productivity and efficiently.

Some software even allows you the ability to get easy tasks automated—which opens the door to even more productivity. When a new contact is created in one part of the system, the call center is updated with the new information as well.

Customer Support

If something goes wrong, will you have reliable help to walk you through fixing the issue? It’s inevitable to have a problem with any software at some point in time, but you must know that your call center software provider will be there for you to help solve any obstacles. Make sure they offer services within business hours or around-the-clock assistance if you may need help at 3 AM.

Additionally, you should check if the customer support includes training. New and existing employees will need help learning how to use the program. Most call center software includes PDFs, videos, and text guides that can help get your team ready.

Call Center Software Price

Purchasing the best software on the market can be very expensive. After all, it’ll have the best features. However, the price isn’t the only thing you should consider. If you are price sensitive, do the math on how much it’ll cost to lose a customer due to your phones being down or because there’s a bug in the system. It may be worth it to spend a little extra money without purchasing the best-of-the-best.

Many programs also offer a free trial, which may be useful to give the program a shot before you buy. The tests periods will vary, and some companies don’t offer a chance to try their product before you purchase.

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Posted on May 18, 2023