5 Best Family SUVs to Consider

An SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) is the perfect choice for a vehicle for a large family, especially if you like to go camping, hiking, cycling or caravanning on holidays as a family.

With many models offering more seating, more storage space, and more towing power than a standard car, SUVs are more and more becoming the car of choice for larger families or smaller families with a need for that added storage space.

With the SUV becoming a more of a popular choice, there are a lot more options on the market now – luxury SUV, family SUV, and SUV hybrid models to name but a few. And more leading car manufacturers are branching out into SUVs, meaning they are readily available, and there is an option to suit everyone’s needs.

Like with any car purchase, what works for one family may not work for another, but there will be an option out there to suit every family’s needs, tastes, and budget. So whether you favor fuel efficiency over engine size or ease of maneuver over horsepower, there is an SUV to suit you.

If you are thinking of buying your first SUV, have a good look around, you will be sure to find something that appeals to you. Read on to discover five of the best family SUVs on the market now, and make your family a part of the SUV family today!

  1. 2016 Chevrolet Suburban

The 2016 Chevrolet Suburban is one of the more affordable full-size SUVs on the market at the moment. With 121.1 cubic feet interior storage capacity and the ability to tow a further 8,100lbs, this SUV is spacious, to say the least. It carries nine passengers, too. With a 5.3L V8 engine and a six-speed automatic transmission, the 2016 Chevrolet Suburban also has an option for four-wheel drive.

  1. 2016 Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot has had a lot of changes made to it, with a full overhaul being seen in the 2016 model. While storage space has been reduced to only 83.9 cubic feet, the performance has vastly improved –20mpg in thick traffic and 27 mpg on an open road– making it one of the most fuel efficient vehicles in its category. It comes with a 3.5L V6 engine and has an option for all-wheel drive.

  1. 2016 Ford Exhibition

The 2016 Ford Exhibition has two options – the standard, or the extended wheelbase version. Both versions boast a twin-turbo 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine and six-speed automatic transmission. Both versions can carry eight passengers, although the extended wheelbase version gives an extra 15in of length, making it that bit roomier and more comfortable. The extended wheelbase version of this SUV also allows for 130.8 cubic feet of interior storage space, and it can comfortably tow a 9,200lbs trailer.

  1. 2016 Buick Enclave

The 2016 Buick Enclave is one of the premium, luxury SUVs available and it is the perfect combination of style, comfort, and practicality. With a 3.6L V6 engine and reasonable fuel efficiency – 17mpg in thick traffic and 24 mpg on an open road – this luxury SUV has a six-speed automatic transmission and an all-wheel-drive option. The SUV’s interior storage facility offers 116 cubic feet of space and comes well equipped with high-end trims and luxury features. It can tow up to 4,500 lbs and seats eight passengers.

  1. 2016 Toyota Highlander

Arguably the best SUV at hitting the spot across the board, the 2016 Toyota Highlander does everything well. This versatile vehicle has a unibody chassis, making driving it more like driving a conventional car than a large crossover vehicle. The interior of the Highlander has room for eight passengers across three rows and has 83.7 cubic feet of storage space. When it comes to the engine, there are two options – option one being a 2.7L engine with a horsepower of 185 and option two being a 3.5L V6 engine with a horsepower of 270. Both options are relatively fuel efficient with 19 mpg in full traffic and 25 mpg on the open road. A six-speed transmission comes as standard across both options.

As you can see from the five options here, becoming a part of the SUV family is not only comfortable but versatile too. Whether you choose a standard powered SUV or an SUV hybrid, a luxury SUV or a smaller, standard SUV, there is an option out there that is just perfect for the needs of you and your family.

Source from: autobytel

Image Source: Pixabay/Public Domain

Posted on May 18, 2023