Should you Get a Security Camera System or an Alarm System?

Installing a security system in your home or business is a smart decision. But it can be difficult to choose between the two main types: security cameras or alarms. Here is a quick look at the two options.

A security camera system consists entirely of cameras that are set up to record either the outside or inside of your property from multiple angles. Since you choose where to place the cameras, privacy does not usually play a role in the system. However, some employees or even customers at a business may complain of privacy issues if cameras are set-up inside your property. The benefit is that cameras, if not monitored by an outside company, can be very cheap to maintain. But on the other hand, installation fees — especially for wired camera connections — can be hefty.

For security purposes, cameras have the downside of not actually doing anything other than recording. This means that cameras offer no direct crime prevention methods other than a deterrent. However, the camera footage can assist in finding and detaining criminals.

Alarm systems function by wiring your home or business with sensors that alert authorities in the case of break-in or fire. The maintenance cost will include a monthly price for a monitoring company to watch your alarm system for you. Other than this, installation is very cheap if your building is already wired with sensors. If it is not, the cost can quickly become higher than camera installation.

When the alarm is tripped, the system will automatically contact the authorities on behalf of the owners. While this gives an added layer of security, a high number of false alarms can add more fees and lead to slower response time from police.

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Posted on May 18, 2023