Recommendations To Avoid Vulnerable Passwords

Nowadays, more and more people spend their time on the internet. The number of the passwords of emails accounts, social networks, bank accounts and online shops has also been rapidly growing. The password security and management really matter. Recalling the login details we need on a daily basis is a challenge, which leads many people to choose passwords which are easy to remember. For some people, it might be the names of their children, while others may use their birth date or the place they were born. But passwords are consistently identified as the weakest link in modern online security, allowing hackers easy access to online accounts, computers and the entire network.


Here are some suggestions to avoid vulnerable passwords to ensure security so as to keep away from password hackers.


First of all, avoid using 123456. This password is easily remembered and typed and thus is probably the most common password used on email accounts, social networks, bank accounts and computer networks. Assorted variations are also commonly used and occur quite frequently: 1234567, 12345678 and the imaginative 654321.abc123 is also a password that is probably as easy for people to crack as abc.


Secondly, do not use place of birth as your password. Though the birth place is different for most people, it is quite easy for others to find out. In this information age, personal information is publicly available, let alone birth certificates. For most Facebook accounts, information like this is open to the whole world.


Thirdly, passwords such as pet names, iloveyou, pets names, birthday, address, family members names have special meaning to you and easy to remember, but such kind of passwords are very vulnerable for hackers to crack.


Fourthly, a complex password containing at least 10 characters in length, a mixture of letters and numbers, a string of random words is strongly recommended. For example, P1rX36yc.N(n9k62#L!eV5dAfp9, which is more secure and more difficult to crack than the commonly used passwords.


As long as we live in this modern world, logging onto the websites using email accounts, bank accounts, social network accounts or using a master password to keep other passwords safe, we are actually increasing the importance of passwords, which can even help us to have a control over more important resources in the rapid changing world. Always remember that the complexity of a password is much more critical than you think. Creating and managing a strong password can guarantee your property and security!

Posted on May 18, 2023