Internet Provider Review: Mediacom

Mediacom Communications business internet service provider offers the best-in-class technology all over rural America. With their fast Wi-Fi, 1GB Speed, TiVo DVR and many more services, customers are always guaranteed to have superior experiences. As the whole world becomes more and more technologically advanced, so does Mediacom. The internet service provider has invested millions into the nationwide fiber optic infrastructure so that small towns in America will get the chance to enjoy high speed internet, digital phone service and advanced digital TV for years to come.

Mediacom is the country’s eighth largest cable firm. It’s also among the leading small business internet providers focused on serving smaller towns and cities in the U.S. Mediacom serves over 1,500 communities all over the country. While most of their coverage is in America’s small cities and towns, they believe that their customers deserve similar level of digital services that other people receive in the major metropolitan areas.  Mediacom is dedicated to keep jobs in all communities that they serve. Their diversified workforce of more than 4,600 employees live and work in the 22 states where they do business. 

Pros Of Using Mediacom Business Internet Provider

– Fantastic download speeds

The speeds that Mediacom offer make their cable internet service well worth it and reliable. This is because high internet speeds are among the major contributing factors to a memorable overall online experience. Businesses that have multiple computers, smartphones and tablets all connected to their internet service can benefit a lot from the 105 Mbps download speeds that are offered by Mediacom.

– A total of five plans available

With a total of 5 cable internet packages that are available for you to choose from, it becomes quite easy for anyone to find the package that has the download speeds they desire while at the same time still working within your budget limits. The Mediacom’s Launch internet plan has appeal for individuals whose internet requirements are simpler. On the other hand, the Ultra Plus Internet Plan is designed to please even the heavy internet users. The kind of variety that Mediacom offers isn’t always found in other cable internet companies. As such, it helps a lot in making Mediacom become good for businesses of all needs and budgets.

– Great money-back guarantee

Mediacom provides one of the best money back-guarantees in the industry. This feature allows their customers to try out all their internet services for 90 days before they make their final decision. The money-back guarantee is very useful because the industry’s standard free-trial of 30 days might not offer enough time for you to determine whether Mediacom is the perfect internet service provider for all your internet needs. Having two additional months to make your decision can give you a lot of insight in the quality of internet service that you will be receiving from Mediacom.

Cons of Using Mediacom Business Internet Provider

Mediacom generally offers affordable internet packages as well as some of the quickest download speeds available on the market today. However, their internet service is limited to over 20 states only. Below are the main disadvantages of using Mediacom as a business internet service provider:

– There are relatively slow upload speeds on certain plans

Even though Mediacom usually offers up to 10 Mbps upload speeds with some of their internet plans, their upload speeds are relatively slow when compared to other internet providers in the market today. For instance, the Mediacom’s Launch internet package does not even offer 1 Mbps upload speeds. In addition, their Prime Plus internet package provides only 2 Mbps upload speeds. Based on how you will be using your internet, this might not turn out to be a huge problem. However, there are very many small business internet providers out there with faster upload speed as compared to Mediacom’s.

– You cannot install the system by yourself

Mediacom Communications business internet service provider usually requires professional installation for their internet services. This could turn out to be frustrating in case you would prefer installing it on your own right away instead of having to book an appointment and then wait for the installation technician. As far as complaints go, this is a fairly small one and it should not be too problematic for the majority of the people. As a matter of fact, you may prefer the system  to be installed by a technician thus this point may not bother you at all.

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The Details

Provider details

· Monthly price: Between $29.95 and $99.99

· Service area: Nationwide

· States available: A total of 22 states

Additional fees

· Early termination fees: Up to $240 USD

· Equipment lease fee: $5 USD per month

· Installation fee: $29.95 USD

· One-time setup fees: None

· Other fees: None

Pricing Of Mediacom Internet Service Provider


· Price: $29.95 USD per month

· Download rate: 3 Mbps

· Upload rates: 5 Mbps

· Data allowance: A total of 150GB


· Price: $49.95 USD per month

· Download rates: 15 Mbps

· Upload rate: 1 Mbps

· Data allowance: A total of 250 GB

Prime Plus

· Price: $59.95 USD per month

· Download rates: 30 Mbps

· Upload rates: 2 Mbps

· Data allowance: A total of 350 GB


· Price: $79.95 USD per month

· Download rates: 50 Mbps

· Upload rates: 5 Mbps

· Data allowance: A total of 999 GB

Ultra Plus

· Price: $99.99 USD per month

· Download rates: 105 Mbps

· Upload rates: 10 Mbps

· Data allowance: A total of 2000 GB

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Source: mediacom

Final Verdict

Whether your firm has 1 employee or more than 1,000, Mediacom business internet service provider has all business solutions to fit your specific needs. From entertainment to music to online access, their customized and turnkey business applications will aid you in improving employee productivity and also increase revenue and customer satisfaction. Delivered over their proprietary broadband fiber network, this business internet service provider provides reliable services.

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Posted on May 18, 2023