How to choose the right sandal for a lady

The sandal is one of the oldest styles of footwear available and has been worn for thousands of years by all classes of people from peasants to royalty. Every summer there are many new styles of sandals, but not every new style can be suitable for every lady.

As sandals are the kind of shoes with a large part of the skin exposed, unsuitable shoes will cause damage to the feet. So fit is the first thing that a lady should consider when choosing sandals. On this basis, a lady can choose a pair of sandals that suit them best according to her height, weight, walking time and gait.

The lady who is petite and slender can choose high-heeled sandals. High-heeled sandals will definitely look better than flats. She can choose the kind of high-heeled sandals that expose the instep with a large area. This will be better because this can extend the calf line and the legs look longer. Thus she will look taller.

The lady who has fatter and wider feet can choose sandals with strong wrapping. She can choose sandals with straps, or sandals with Muller style, so that her feet don’t look so fat and a little thinner. If she wears the kind of sandals that expose the instep, her feet will look like wider. I believe that female friends are not willing to buy sandals of this style. No matter what kind of shoes she wears, it is wise to avoid the shortcomings.

The lady who has higher insteps and thicker feet can try to choose the style with decorative design on the instep. And the fixed buckle on the ankle part should be higher. This will look better. Otherwise their feet may look thicker.

The ladies who are tall and slender and also have good feet shape can purchase many kinds of sandals. It is easier for them to choose sandals. They can choose high-heeled sandals. They can also choose flat-heeled sandals. They can choose beach sandals, or they can choose casual sandals. No matter what kind of sandals they wear, they will look very good.

One more thing to be noted is that the sandals color. How to select the suitable color for ladies among the colorful sandals? Let’s find it out.

Black-skinned ladies are suitable to choose black, white, colorless and transparent sandals, which makes them look very capable and fashion. They can also choose bright yellow to present a minority trend. But cool colors such as green and blue may not be suitable for them.


White-skinned ladies are suitable to choose black, white and colorless and transparent sandal to show delicacy. They can also choose cool colors such as green, blue and cyan. Warm color such as pink, light yellow, and coffee which looks like gentle, energetic and cute can also be chosen. Eye-catching fluorescent color and candy colors may not be suitable for them.

Yellow-skinned ladies are not suitable to choose black and white sandals. They can choose transparent, coffee, khaki, and milk tea to show delicate. They can also choose red and purple to show dignified. Fluorescent and candy colors can also be chosen to show nifty and healthy.

Posted on May 18, 2023