How To Avoid Post-Retirement Depression

When you retire, everything about your daily schedule will change. Your life may become more relaxed and move slowly. Retirement may benefit you because you will lose work related stress. Apart from benefiting you, retirement can also be harmful to your health. How? Studies have shown that most people suffer from post-retirement depression when they don’t have daily responsibility anymore. To ensure you have good health after retirement, you should stay away from things that will affect your social, financial and health life.Here are tips that will help you stand tall against post- retirement depression.

Here are tips that will help you stand tall against post-retirement depression:

Be More Social

When you are working you have the opportunity to interact with many people with different characters. In the long run, you end up making more friends and learning new things. When you retire, your life may be quiet and this can hard to deal with for most people.

To avoid post-retirement depression, medical experts’ advice that you should avoid isolation at all costs. Participate in sports activities, join clubs, or even take your meals around people. Get out of your comfort zone and volunteer when you get the chance. You will meet and interact with more people each day. Without any doubt, you will win the fight against post-retirement depression.

Sort Out Your Finances

You are used to getting money every now and then when you are working. But this is not the case during retirement especially if you didn’t have any plans. Your post-retirement depression can be triggered by financial stressors. After retirement, you should avoid idleness to ensure you have some source of income.

Have a part time job to take care of your financial needs when you retire. Apart from having the opportunity to meet and work with new colleagues, you will have the opportunity to venture into a completely different career. Do what you like and you won’t regret even for a single day.

Keep Healthy

If you think of just sitting around and relaxing, then you don’t have a good plan for retirement. How can retirement affect your health negatively? Loneliness is common during retirement and it can lead to some mental disorders if not dealt with. To avoid those mental disorders, always be around people and avoid loneliness. It’s that simple. During retirement always keep in mind that loneliness is bad for your overall health.

During retirement, immobility and inactivity can lead to various health complications. People who have retired are advised to keep healthy by medical experts. Being active will boost your mood. If you can engage in activities that require much energy, you can engage in simple exercises such as walking. You will not suffer from any physical or mental related illnesses. When you retire, your age exposes you to various diseases. If you had a poor diet while smoking and drinking alcohol, your health is likely to be affected negatively. You may suffer from cardiovascular problems, diabetes, respiratory disorders as well as cancer. These diseases are likely to affect old people and retirement as well.


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Posted on May 18, 2023