Best Tablet Computers

Tablets are great for playing games, reading, doing homework, having kids sit in the back seat of a car for entertainment, and more. Countless tablets on the market, but it is necessary to choose a tablet computer that fully meets your needs. Whether you want to buy an iPad or another Android tablet, there are some key factors you need to consider when shopping. Here are two best of the latest tablet PCs in 2019. By understanding the performance and price of these tablet PCs and other aspects, I hope that it will be helpful for your choice and purchase of tablet PCs.

1 Microsoft Surface Go

Surface Go, Microsoft’s latest tablet computer, has attracted widespread attention since its launch. This latest Surface tablet computer may not bring big surprises, but it shows us the best Windows tablet computer is affordable.

Microsoft’s Surface Go puts everything in the Surface Pro 6 in a smaller, more economical package. Its operating system is more mature and there are no weird application compatibility issues. The Surface Go, with its Intel Pentium Gold processor, can easily handle basic browser-based workloads. High-end models have 8GB of memory, you could even run several tabs-worth of projects and websites and media players. The CPU inside employs Intel’s HD Graphics 615 isn’t far off from the integrated graphics inside the Intel processors used in gaming laptops. In addition, Surface Go’s Windows Hello login facial recognition feature has been appreciated by many users. Microsoft Surface Go 64GB for $399 at Microsoft. For the workload of office workers, Surface Go may be very suitable to improve your productivity and meet your entertainment needs.

2 Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

The advantages of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 are more powerful processor, an optimized DeX mode and more storage space. It also got a new minimalist design and updated pen. It has a fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and flexible storage of 128GB or 256GB, both of which can be expanded to a 1TB microSD card. Compared with the previous Tab S4, the Tab S6 is lighter and thinner. In terms of battery life, the new S6 lasts for nearly 15 hours. However, Similar to the Tab S4, Microsoft’s Surface Pro, and other tablets, the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S6’s new Book Cover keyboard is not included in the tablet, which is frustrating. But its design is excellent, especially the color is attractive. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 comes in gray, blue, and blush. Basic models that only support WiFi have 128GB of storage (plus microSD expansion) and 6GB of memory for $649. This price seems a bit high, but the design and features of this tablet computer are excellent, especially the outstanding color design and portability, which can become a big reason for you to choose it.

Posted on May 18, 2023