3 Payroll Services for Small Businesses Compared

Managing your payroll is one of the most difficult tasks while conducting any business. Some small business owners wish that there could be an automated software that could manage their enterprises’ payroll to reduce the associated headache and costs.

However, since as a small business owner you need everything to be done right, you always find yourself buried in your books trying to manage your accounts which include payroll management every month. Such burdens are some of the factors that delay the growth of any business since you will not have time to plan on how to achieve more important goals such as the expansion of your enterprise. However, with the help of small business payroll services and programs, you can offload this burden and create quality time to tend to more important issues.

Hiring an extra employee to manage your small business payroll can be an expensive option that can hinder your business from expanding, especially if you are a small business. However, you can avoid such costs by opting for a payroll service for small business that is much cheaper.

Three payroll services for small businesses that you should consider checking out are as follows:

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OnPay is a new online small business payroll service provider on the market that has satisfied a huge number of its users. OnPay offers all the services you could be looking for in a payroll service provider which includes preparation of payroll taxes, managing payments, making direct deposits, and even printing checks upon request.

However, OnPay is a suitable payroll service for small businesses that doesn’t have a complex system and is able to handle automated retirements and insurance deductions among other complex features. The OnPay payroll services cost $39 per month for 10 employees whereby you have to pay $1 per month per employee for any additional employee. In addition, the direct deposit feature will cost you extra $8 per month.

payroll service for small business, small business payroll, payroll software

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ZenPayroll is one of the most preferred payroll software since it eliminates the manual data entry work by allowing your employees to enter their information personally into the system once you hire them. ZenPayroll is more like hiring a payroll clerk since it goes the extra mile which includes allowing your employees make extraordinary payments such as donations to charities. The employees can also view a summary of their payments breakdown on each pay stub.

ZenPayroll system is like no other since it also has a login feature which allows the employees to access their payment details from any gadget that supports the internet whereby they can manage their donation to charities as well as updating their tax withholding.

payroll service for small business, small business payroll, payroll software

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This a relatively new payroll software that suits small businesses best. It has a lot of options such as making 401(k) contribution, unions and insurance deductions among other common options such as making direct payments. Wagepoint regularly adds option for better functionality thus the previous years system may have some difference with this year’s system. Wagepoint charges $15 per pay period with an additional $2 per employee.

While payroll service providers differ in terms of options offered, functionality, and cost among other factors every business will require a specific type depending on the nature of its transactions and payment systems.

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Posted on May 18, 2023