6 Cold Fighting Foods You Should Know About

It’s pretty normal for people to experience colds during the year due to severe changes in climate and environment, among other factors. Even those who have received their flu shot aren’t entirely guaranteed protected from getting sick, although getting your shot each season is still highly advisable! For some, their overall health and nutrition can suffer, making them susceptible to catching a cold.

Despite practicing the proper technique of sneezing in your elbow, there are ways to combat colds and other health problems. In fact, there are certain foods that can fight off a weak immune system! Here are six cold fighting foods you should know about and start stocking your fridge with!

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1. Garlic

By simply spreading some garlic on your pizza, or increasing the amount of garlic you put in your food, you can prevent catching a cold. You can incorporate it in subtle ways into your current diet without making huge changes! Garlic naturally rids toxins from your body. According to a study with 146 participants, the use of a garlic supplement daily proves to be effective. Eating it raw also provides many health benefits, but watch out for garlic breath!

2. Salmon

Fish is generally considered good for the body, especially salmon as it contains Vitamin D (which you can also get from the sun) and is packed with protein. Wild salmon particularly provides the most health benefits, giving it the coveted title of a superfood.

3. Green Veggies

According to children’s health expert, Dr. Tanya Altmann, green veggies are extremely important when battling common colds. (Notably, she also mentions how imperative it is for households to properly disinfect/clean their homes in order to avoid experiencing common colds.) People who are eating more green veggies will experience lower chances of illness and disease rates, not just a lower incidence of the common cold. For instance, broccoli has a positive impact on the immune system and should be eaten on a regular basis, but during winter cold and flu season especially.

4. Chicken

Chicken while being tasty, is also a good anti-inflammatory according to expert, Dr. Stephen Rennard. It contains properties that assist in the slowing down of white blood cells that gather in the lungs, relieving a person’s cold symptoms, particularly in the respiratory tract.

5. Fruits and Berries

Drinking orange juice as well as eating berries enhances the immune system. Fruits like oranges and berries contain Vitamin C and can help reduce flu-like symptoms. Oranges can reduce the symptoms caused by a weak immune system. Boost your immune system and enjoy a delicious and healthy snack by purchasing frozen berries to add to yogurt or make into a smoothie!

6. Oysters

Oysters carry zinc and important minerals that help fight off colds. Eating cooked oysters can provide a number of health benefits. Three ounces of oysters would already contain 74 mg. of zinc to help you fight off potential colds and cough!


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Posted on May 18, 2023