Types of Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence affects millions of Americans, the majority of whom are women. It is the accidental leaking of urine and there are several different types, and reasons people suffer from it.

Stress Incontinence

Weakened pelvic floor muscles and tissues cause urine to leak. If there is any extra pressure on your bladder – like is caused when you laugh, sneeze, exercise, or a cough, it can happen. Pregnancy, and more specifically, childbirth are the cause of weakened muscles. Being overweight or obese is also one of the main causes of weakened pelvic floor muscles. In men, prostate surgery or certain medications can lead to stress incontinence.

Urge Incontinence

OAB or overactive bladder is another name for urge incontinence. The need to urinate with this type of incontinence is sudden and urgent. Most people will not make it to the bathroom on time. There are several conditions that can lead to OAB including MS, Parkinson;s, diabetes, and stroke. Infections and bladder stones can also lead to urge incontinence.

Overflow Incontinence

Some people are unable to fully empty their bladder causing them to dribble urine after they have finished going to the toilet. Overflow incontinence is caused by weak bladder muscles, nerve damage, tumors, or certain medications. If you find that you cannot fully empty your bladder you should get it treated – it can lead to infections and other issues if you don’t.

Functional Incontinence

Dementia or arthritis or other physical problems can be the cause of functional incontinence.

Mixed Urinary Incontinence

This is a combination of two of the above types of incontinence. A lot of women suffer from both urge and stress incontinence.

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Posted on April 12, 2017