Top 6 Cold Sores Treatments

Cold sores are blisters no one would allow or welcome on his/her face or even anywhere else on the skin. They are not only unappealing aesthetically but also very painful. As we get to some facts about cold sores, they are caused by Herpes simplex virus (HSV-1), and they appear as blisters (fluid-filled pockets) on the surface of a person’s skin.

In most cases, they appear on the lips or around the mouth which is always embarrassing. The sores break forming a crust over the sores. The sores may last for ten days before they start to heal. The said period may be brutal, and since cold sores have no cure because they are viral, you will be required to use various home cold sores treatments as well as natural products as cold sore remedies.

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These cold sores treatments ease discomfort and help in diminishing the lesions’ appearance. Here are the top 6 cold sores treatments and some of the things one can do to shorten and calm the cold sores’ duration and outbreak.

6 All Natural Cold Sores Treatments

  1. Ice

Ice does not reduce the length of the cold sores break out, but it eases the inflammation and discomfort. You should apply an ice pack on the sores directly as long as possible. This application will bring temporary relief. After relief, go ahead and use petroleum jelly dab. This balm helps in keeping the bacteria out of the sores and also lessen the sensation caused by skin splitting which may occur when the blister becomes too dry after the use of ice. Before applying the gel, you should gently get rid any water on sores.

  1. Aloe Vera Gel

Since Aloe Vera gel is smooth and does not irritate the blisters, it is one of the best natural cold sore remedies. The gel provides fast relief from the sores’ pain once they form blisters. It also fights bacteria which may be very irritating the blisters more. The best way to acquire all the benefits the Aloe Vera has is by having the Aloe plant. The plant is inexpensive and easy to find.

  1. Zinc Oxide

cold sores treatments, cold sores remedies, cold sore treatments, cold sore treatment

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Research has shown that creams of Zinc oxide, when applied to the affected part of the skin, reduces the cold sores symptoms such as soreness, blistering, and itching. Using the cream within a period of 24 hours after detecting the symptoms shortens the actual duration of the cold sores outbreak. The great thing about zinc oxide is that it is readily available at all drug stores. You can also find it in sunscreen.

  1. Lysine

Lysine is an essential amino acid. It is mainly found in foods such fish, yogurt, pork, brewer’s yeast as well as other meats. It is also available in a cream form or as a supplement. Intake of Lysine supplements helps in preventing the breakouts of sores. It also prevents the future cold sores flare-ups. In case you experience some allergic reaction after taking Lysine, you should see your doctor or go for medical check-ups.

  1. Lemon Balm

cold sores treatments, cold sores remedies, cold sore treatments, cold sore treatment

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Lemon balm helps in reducing the healing period or time of a cold sore blister. It also prevents the future sores outbreaks. Researchers suggest that one should use lip balm containing no less than 1% of the Lemon Balm. To score the same benefits as of those of using a balm containing lemon balm, you can also go for a lemon balm infusion made compress. Putting a slice of lemon directly on the cold sore or taking lemon juice one to two times a day can also help.

  1. Stress Reduction

As discussed above, stress is one of the primary causes of the herpes virus. It means that reducing the amount of stress in one’s life is one of the remedies for preventing cold sores. Having regular exercise time with friends as well as meditating help in avoiding stress. By reducing and avoiding stress, you always stay healthy and lessen the likelihood of getting cold sores in the future. It also reduces the embarrassment and pain that always accompany cold sores.

Almost 90% of young people and adults in the world test positive for herpes, which is the root of cold sores. To prevent and ease the pain, I highly recommend the above mentioned and discussed cold sores remedies. A person having cold sores should also avoid touching the blisters or share personal items with others to prevent the spread of the infection.

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Posted on May 18, 2023